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We are industry experts who are passionate about dermatology and skin care products. We offer a "Lifestyle Blueprint" for download to guide women in their quest to have beautiful, radient skin throughout their lives. We have tracked acrefully as the industry has converged over the decades, and see more and more cosmetic companies make big claims about how amazing their products are. We do not offer any testing or consulting service. We offer in depth and concise dermalogica reviews, and we are focused on formulations as we are passionate about promoting innovation in skin care. We believe everyone deserves to live a lavish lifestyle. If you need a break, why not consider all inclusive vacation deals?

Hair Intelligence

If you let your hair to air dry up to you can, your own hair is not going to suffer from heat damage. Your hair along with the scalp can definitely suffer from the curling iron, straightening iron, and hair dryer. Should you need to use a blow dryer, place it about the lowest possible setting. Minimizing heat damage will help keep your hair in good shape for many years.

Clinical Advice

Always be sure to wash off your makeup just before you're going sleep. You need to us lukewarm water with a gentle washcloth or a good makeup removing solution. Cleanse your face with other products thereafter. Makeup that may be improperly removed will clog pores and cause unwanted acne problems.

Advanced Treatment

Talk to a dermatologist about developing a chemical peel done when your skin‘s appearance bothers you. It is possible to remove dead skin and help new skin grow using a chemical peel. Afterward, your skin will be fresh, clear and rejuvenated.

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Dermalogica Reviews

Miko Evanti

Iíve delt with extremely dry/sensitive skin with slight redness for years. Iíve experimented with so many different products and I could never find anything that worked for me. I have just purchased my first dermalogica products after battling with acne, sun damage and black spots for almost two years now. The six step Dermalogica A.G.E Smart kit is fabulous. These have to be the best products I have used. It is worth the money.

Becky Connor

Iíve spent probably hundreds of dollars in search of the perfect products. And letís face it, Iím not made of money. Iím a 20 year old college student. But, then I discovered Dermalogica. Iíve been using it for awhile now and my skin has improved so much. I find myself wearing little to NO MAKEUP now.

Joanne Matskin

I love Dermalogica products. I retail Dermalogica at my salon. I have sampled many different brands but Dermalogica was my favorite. I have never used a product that agreed so much with my facial skin as the Dermalogica Professional.

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